Welcome to MansiMakes

I create with my heart and my hands follow. I create for myself and myself alone. I create without thinking, let alone overthinking, and I encourage you to do the same! My art is a form of self-expression, drawn from my life experience and rooted in authenticity. It doesn’t follow a template and isn’t slave to popularity contests. It’s personal, it’s emotional and it’s honest.

Create With Your Heart and Your Hands Will Follow

New self-paced online classes

New Course that combines journaling, book binding, gelli printing and mixed media
One-hour real-time guidance into creating scribbles that turn into heartfelt art

A Bit About Me

  • My name is Mansi (Maan-see), born and raised in India, bred to be an over-achiever.
  • First landed in Iowa to get a master’s degree in health journalism then moved to California for milder weather (and the guy I married). Never looked back and will likely never relocate.
  • A recluse at heart, the connections I make run deep.
  • Art sustains me emotionally and spiritually. Dark chocolate sustains me perpetually.
  • I thrive on honesty, vulnerability and imperfection.
  • I’m here to learn and share what I know.
  • I don’t shy away from hard work—both physical and psychological— it’s the only way to grow.
  • Kindness is my jam and curiosity my fuel.
  • Creativity comes easy but time eludes me.




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