Weekly Reminder 3/17

This is your friendly reminder to:1. Explore art-making with child-like curiosity: answer every single “what if?” that makes a guest appearance in your head and see what happens. 2. Engage your senses: paint with your fingers, listen to the sound the scraper makes on the paper, feel the joy that comes from not using traditionalContinue reading “Weekly Reminder 3/17”

Weekly Reminder 3/10

Your friendly reminder to:1. Create with authenticity — just like your fingerprints, your point of view is unique. 2. Connect with empathy — the human beings you cross paths with are like you, imperfect and opinionated. Kindness goes a long way. 3. Celebrate each day — it’s not coming back. You get but one shotContinue reading “Weekly Reminder 3/10”