Weekly reminder 5/5

This is your friendly reminder to:— Reclaim your identity because you’re more than just a mom, a spouse, a daughter or any other caregiving role you’ve been assigned. Take yourself back for an hour, a day, a weekend…celebrate being un-needed. Rejoice being YOU! — Reclaim your three-year-old self and say “YES” to ice cream beforeContinue reading “Weekly reminder 5/5”

Weekly Reminder 4/9

This is your friendly reminder to: • Rekindle your creativity through experimentation and spontaneity … there are no mistakes and nothing “needs” to be planned. • Remind yourself that creativity isn’t limited to making frameable art … you’re being creative every single day in the way you dress, problem-solve, cook, garden, parent, and a plethoraContinue reading “Weekly Reminder 4/9”