The Creative Stretch: Be Playful

Day 4 prompt of The Creative Stretch was “be playful” and you all know that’s something that falls right in my wheelhouse. But there was a twist … Andrea and Minette invited us to play in a way we normally wouldn’t. I am very experimental in my art, combining media wantonly and following all ofContinue reading “The Creative Stretch: Be Playful”

The Creative Stretch: Be Devoted

This was unexpected and became deeply personal really fast. I did not expect to go on the emotional roller coaster that the prompt (be devoted) from The Creative Stretch Warmup took me on. I hadn’t even given “devoted” much credence when I first saw the word…it didn’t “appeal” to me as much as intentional andContinue reading “The Creative Stretch: Be Devoted”

The Creative Stretch: Be Intentional

As part of the free workshop offered this week by Andrea and Minette, I did a deep dive into the meaning of the phrase “be intentional” (as it applies to me) in this season of life. And I realized my deep desire to slow down. What normally would have been a 20-30 minute journaling sessionContinue reading “The Creative Stretch: Be Intentional”