9X9 framed painting on ceramic tile: Night Embers

"Night Embers" evokes a lot of emotions.

I use acrylic paints that flow uninhibitedly on ceramic tile, manipulated gently but keenly. The interaction between paints and mediums varies depending on their viscosity, the nature of the substrate and environmental factors. Most of my art work employs several different techniques of pouring, swiping, torching and embellishing. They also have generous sprinklings of love and patience.

"Night Embers" comes from a place of boldness...some see a woman pushing away fire, others see a volcano erupting in the ocean and yet others view the cosmos in all its grandeur.

Whatever your interpretation, this 6X6 ceramic tile encased within a 9X9 shadow box will enhance your living space with its rich colors and fine details. 

Comes ready to hang or display as a mantelpiece.

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