Hello Sunshine

This resplendent yellow resin statement ring has a subtle hint of micro-fine glitter that makes it extra special. l hand cast each ring in a smooth glossy dome of clear shiny resin, hand sand and then hand polish it to reveal the amazing depth and fabulous ink movement trapped in time. It's sure to spark conversation and receive compliments.

Each statement ring is unique and there are no two that are alike, even though you may find similar colors. Buy one for yourself and another for a loved one!

Measurements/Size: The ring band is adjustable to fit most adult sizes with the band being 0.7mm thick and 2.8mm wide. The dome measures about a half an inch deep and over an inch and a quarter across the base. It's a fun accessory to wear all year round and can be a quick fashion accessory to go from a day at work to a night out in town!

Caring for your resin ring
Resin is a relatively soft substance easy to scratch and sensitive to chemicals. To make your resin ring retain its perfect pristine condition for a long time, follow these simple instructions:
—Keep your ring away from heat and harsh light. A flame can melt the resin and UV rays can hasten the fading process of the alcohol inks used to create these wondrous planets.
—Protect your ring from scratches by avoiding abrasive cloths. When cleaning your ring, simply clean with water and a soft cloth.
—When not wearing your ring, keep it in an airtight container stored in a dark, cool, dry area.

Everything on this website is 100% handmade. This means that some slight imperfections are a part of these rings’ character. What you buy is exactly what you see in the pictures.*

*The color of the rings may slightly differ from the photos due to different monitor settings.


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