Four of a kind

A collection of four ceramic tiles wrapped in fluid acrylics that are remindful of beautiful, silken textile. With raised gold and copper dots and deep hues of purple, turquoise, red and gray peppered with a touch of bronze, this panel exudes a royal vibe. 

I use acrylic paints that flow uninhibitedly on ceramic tile, manipulated gently but keenly. The interaction between paints and mediums varies depending on their viscosity, the nature of the substrate and environmental factors. Most of my art work employs several different techniques of pouring, swiping, torching and embellishing. They also have generous sprinklings of love and patience.

The tiles lay raised on a glossy black wooden panel giving them an extra dimension. Measuring 24 inches by 8.6 inches by 0.2 inches (0.5 with elevation), this panel can be hanged vertically or horizontally. Mounting hardware included.


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