9X9 framed painting on ceramic tile: Slippery Fish 2

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I use acrylic paints that flow uninhibitedly on ceramic tile, manipulated gently but keenly. The interaction between paints and mediums varies depending on their viscosity, the nature of the substrate and environmental factors. Most of my art work employs several different techniques of pouring, swiping, torching and embellishing. They also have generous sprinklings of love and patience.

With its purple and green hues, "Slippery Fish 2" is a combination of fluid acrylics and ethnic Indian motif-making. The fish holds much reverence in many cultures as it is symbolic of the first stages of evolution...In ancient Eastern Indian mythology, the fish is a symbol of transformation and creation. As an adept navigator in the mysteries of the deep ocean, the symbolic fish holds the key to that which is unknown.

In this painting, it goes onward and upward, charting its own path full of effervescence and curiosity, reminding the viewer that hope isn't an uncertainty. Whatever your symbolic relationship with fish, this 6X6 ceramic tile encased within a 9X9 shadow box will give you something swimmingly delightful, rich and vibrant to admire.

Can be bought as a pair. See Slippery Fish 1.

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