Online Classes

Guided Intuitive Art

I am so glad you’re exploring self-paced online classes! Thank you for your interest in taking an online art class with me where I will:

  • guide you with easy techniques
  • encourage you to let go
  • invite you to experiment.

My goal is to help you relax, enjoy the process and create something that’s uniquely YOU

Archive of Free Live Classes

Get a taste of my teaching style through this compilation of videos. These are all live demos done either on Facebook or YouTube using a variety of different media. If you like what you see, remember to sign up for my newsletter, so you can get updates on upcoming free live classes as well as paid courses.

Gelli Arts Leaf Printing Kit
Botanical Monoprinting with Distress and Dye Inks
Blob Art with M&M
Dot Journaling: Creating Repetitive Patterns
Mindless Scribbles: Art Therapy
Flourescent Acrylics with Mini Gel Plates to Create Fun Backgrounds
Ink Smooshing and Color Blocking
Fattening the Curve with a Sharpie and Some Colors
Using Different Techniques for Cardmaking. Live Q&A


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