Cloud Gazing with Stamps

May 14, 2020

Cloud Gazing with Stamps

I love cloud's one of our favorite pastimes on lazy summer days...usually all three people in our family see different things in floating clouds and most times we are able to share our perspectives successfully. But, I've never done cloud gazing with stamps! What in the world is that, even?

Well, Daniel West, in his calming, zen-like way explained in today's Spring Card Camp, that it was shifting your thinking when you look at your stash of stamps. Easier said than done! A flower looks like a flower to me, so does a butterfly!

But then, my excited six-year-old who watches these online classes with me first thing in the morning, started thinking up ideas rapidly, her mouth barely keeping up with her brain! A christmas tree made from stamped triangles!! A train made of tag dies and side way vases (inspired by Mindy Eggen)!! A bird made from hearts!!

Christmas tree

Choochoo train anxiety kept increasing but I sat next to her hoping some of that unbounded creativity would rub off on me. 

Ultimately, I mustered up my courage and collected a variety of stamps...placing them willy nilly until something started to take I was arranging the stamps on my stamping platform, my little one kept asking: "What is it? What are you making? Is it a vase? Are these flowers? Are you making a bouquet? What are you doing with the birch trees? Why are you taking so long? Are you done yet? What are you making even?"

Yes, way to add pressure, kiddo!

I quietly kept arranging and re-arranging and then I took a deep breath, muttered "here goes nothing" under my breath and stamped.

Corona Hair 

So, this is what I ended up with. A crazy-lookin' gal with splotches for hair, an upturned casserole for a torso, a triangle for a dress, birch trees for legs, a monster's eyes ... and that's pretty much where my creativity ended ... so actual hand stamps for hands! I tried writing "Corona Hair, Who Cares?" but I am soooooo bad at calligraphy and given this was shaping up to be a single-layer card, I didn't want to risk "spoiling it!" Sentiment strips came to the rescue! Woohoo!

Corona hair 2

I adhered the sentiment strip to one of my gel-plate-printed scraps and did some shading around the edges with distress inks to highlight the girl in the middle, added an aluminum-foil heart and called it done. Well, I went back and wrote "Corona Hair" just 'coz I couldn't resist. 

Corona Hair 3

So, all in all, I am very proud of this creation and of myself -- I didn't let my fear keep me from pushing through this idea and of course there was that little matter of role modeling! Ha! Parenthood ain't for the faint of heart. 

Thank you, Daniel and Mindy for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I still haven't had a chance to make anything creative with dies, yet, but I'll get to it...some day. Lol.


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