The Creative Stretch: Be Intentional

As part of the free workshop offered this week by Andrea and Minette, I did a deep dive into the meaning of the phrase “be intentional” (as it applies to me) in this season of life. And I realized my deep desire to slow down.

What normally would have been a 20-30 minute journaling session ended up being a journey I savored well over 90 minutes. As the page evolved from being a journal of my desires to becoming a smorgasbord of colors and shapes, I sat back and relished the transformation.

I looked inward and held space for my feelings. It is not easy for me to slow down. It is, in fact, very hard for me to keep pace with all the ideas buzzing around in my head all the time. If the number of hours in a day were doubled, I’d probably still be scrambling to get everything done.

But what am I missing out on when all I am doing is jumping from one thing to the other? Am I truly being present and enjoying the process? Or, after a point, am I just going through the motions?

As I did some deep breathing, I could feel a shift…a sense of relaxation. And from that point on the page became playful, exuberant and free.

Have you joined The Creative Stretch?

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