Catch a Falling Star

As many of you know, I had a bad fall exactly four weeks ago sustaining multiple internal injuries and a couple of minor fractures. While the bone-breaking was minimal, they were the “wrong” bones! I can’t do much without my hands and not being able to use them for any creative endeavors this past month has been a huge struggle!

So, I was thrilled to bits when I received Catch A Falling Star, the new Anita Jeram stamp and die set, the same day that I got the green light to craft again! Wishes do come true, you see 🙂

I love the huge mice in these 6×6 sets just as much as I love the mini mouse wishing upon a star and if you scroll all the way down, you could win this mini-cutie in a giveaway!

I made this book for my daughter and even penned my own version of “Twinkle twinkle little star,” inspired by the sentiments included in this set.

I just love how this book carries you through the story of this little mouse, encouraging her along the way to pursue her dreams. As you’ll notice in the flip-through, I used a couple of other stamps previously released in the Anita Jeram series as well as some tile background stamps that were released last year. It’s so fun to be able to combine different stamp sets to create a storyline and I love being able to do this in the form of mini-books. You might remember the watercolor pride book I had created a couple of months ago…

Given my injuries and current physical therapy regimen, I couldn’t watercolor any of these images…so, I got creative! I cut up a couple of my alcohol ink paintings and turned them into dresses for the mice on the front and back covers. I even added ruffles! And for all the mice inside, I simply stamped them in black ink and did a bit of light colored-pencil shading, so they would pop against the patterned background.

I also used star-patterned paper as one of my layers to bring this book together and printed my poem out on glittery gold-flecked paper for added oomph. And if you watch closely, the front cover has a repeat star pattern in watermark ink … it’s all in those little details, people!

I love how this book turned out and I CANNOT wait to see my daughter’s reaction when she receives it.

Check out the entire Catch a Falling Star collection here:

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I am giving away one Dream Big Mini stamp set to a randomly-drawn name from my comments section here on this blog! Make sure to type in your name and email address, so I can contact you! The giveaway ends on October 23 at midnight Mountain Time. Winners will be announced on the Colorado Craft Company BlogPlease also follow Colorado Craft Company: @coloradocraftcompany on Instagram. They’re very generously hosting this giveaway and would love your support!

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Hi there, I am Mansi, a self-taught artist based in Silicon Valley. I was a full-time communications professional for two decades, with a desk job and a six-figure salary until I decided to become a mom. Motherhood, as many will attest, can be extremely exhausting, especially in those first years. Art became my quiet place. It restored my sense of self. It gave me renewed energy. It helped me become a better mom. I was led down the path of creation by instinct and “discovered“ in early 2019 by a fellow kindred spirit at one of my art pop-ups who asked me to join her entrepreneurial venture. While I immersed myself full time in the role of CFO and co-founder of this women-led venture supporting local women makers, I missed experimenting with mixed-media. So, in 2021, I've decided to focus my energies full time in finessing my craft, producing more online tutorials and offering in-person art workshops for both adults and children. Thank you for joining me on this adventure as I experiment, learn and continue creating custom pieces of joy.

63 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star

  1. That is really cute. I have never seen a mini book designed into a decorative element like this.

  2. Wow! The mini book you created for your daughter is wonderful. So,glad you are starting to be able to craft again.

  3. Haven’t made a star book in a long time.
    Enjoyed your creativeness with dressing the mice. Hope your recovery is complete soon. Best Wishes.

  4. OMG this is a fantastic make; so new, fresh and eye-catching. This is definitely a WOW creation and lovely decoration. You really are extremely talented and creative!!!

  5. WOW! Your star-shaped book is absolutely gorgeous; a heart-warming work of art! Fabulous way to showcase the new release! Wonderful to hear that you’re on the mend and were able to create this project to dazzle and delight us! Your daughter will love this, as do I! PS. Do you have a tutorial for this book design? I’d love to give it a try, please!

  6. Love this creation,it is fantastic!! I’m glad to hear you’re getting better and hope you’re back to 100% soon!

  7. So sorry to hear about your injuries. It was so great that you received the set to create with when you needed a pick me up. Those stars just in the package were already doing their job by lighting you up. I love the creation for your daughter.She’s going to love it, too. It’s lovely and brilliant. I think I saw a cape on one of the mice. A Happy Anniversary to the AJ line of stamps. I love them.

  8. Oh my gosh! This is fabulous – I love the book and used to make shapes ones myself. It fits perfectly with the star theme. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! Love this release!

  9. Absolutely adorable. So blessed to be a poet as well. This is such a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  10. Not only is this amazingly wonderful, but I don’t know how you did it considering your injuries. Your daughter will LOVE IT!!!!!!

  11. Just the sweetest book! 💕 I hope your daughter loves it as much as I do. How can you go wrong using Anita’s cute critters? Praying for your speedy recovery 🙏.

  12. Wow! Your book is absolutely beautiful! What a creative idea and so well done.! I love it!

  13. How cute your book turned out and so creative. I love this release especially the dream big mini stamp set, thanks for your inspiration.

  14. This is such a beautiful project, especially considering you have injuries! Your daughter will totally love it!

  15. Wow!! What an amazing creation! This is such a wonderful way to use all these sweet images!!! It would be a beautiful gift to be well loved. I love all the colours and gorgeous design!! Thanks so much for the great inspiration. Stay safe! 🙂

  16. I just love how you combined the star with the new release! Your daughter will treasure it forever. Glad to know you are on the the mend now xx

  17. Wow! It’s so nice to hear that you’re doing better. What a horrible ordeal. I think I would lose my mind if I couldn’t craft for a month. This project is positively adorable. I know your daughter will love it. Stay strong, you’ll get there.

  18. Incredible does not begin to describe this amazing book! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    1. How creative and crafted with lots of love you can tell. Unique in that it turns into a star. Your daughter will certainly cherish this for a lifetime.

  19. I love the star book. I had not heard of them before this. The mouse stamp is so cute. Glad you are on the healing path.

  20. soo soo beautiful…the poem, the starbook, the stamp set…I am absolutely in love with this…thank you for all of your inspiration Mansi…a real treasure for your daughter!

  21. This is AMAZING!!! I absolutely love it! I’ve made many things but never a star book-something I want to do and these little mice might make that happen. When I was in college, I rented a little cabin. I had a mouse that joined me in the winter and left in the spring. I barely knew he (or she!) was there!

  22. Holy doodle! I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s just brilliant! Thank you for the video. I appreciate the time you took to make it. This is a darling stamp set by Anita, but then aren’t they all? My first time here, & I will be back.

  23. Love your awesome Star creation. You are such an inspirational person … hope you will be fully healed and back to sharing your art passion soon!

  24. This star book is fabulous! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with us.

  25. I love the star book! Perfect for the mouse stamps you chose! I haven’t made one of these books for years but I will make another one after seeing your inspiration! Fabulous!

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