Trusting the Process

When I create anything in my art journal, I have one rule: to give myself the permission to change my mind.

Fluidity is important. I might have an idea or a feeling I pursue initially but if it doesn’t sit right with me in the moment, I don’t keep myself tethered to it.

This video is part of the mindfulness exercises I had done as part of The Artist’s Way…the prompt was “I AM” and I had written down a number of things about me — all things positive and negative … when I started painting over the words, I felt a strong urge to create leaves. Something about renewal, evolution and growth…and I could have left it like that but when the leaves were done, it felt wrong, disjointed, uninspired. And I felt another strong urge — to paint a face.

I didn’t know if it would work…I had no clue if I would “ruin” the leaves and all that under painting beyond repair. But I chose to give in to my intuition instead of bowing down to fear. You’ll see the page start transforming drastically at the 2:34 mark.

My strokes were bolder, more purposeful and more assertive with the face than they had been with the leaves. But if I hadn’t painted the leaves first, if I hadn’t gone through that process…the face wouldn’t have come to me.

Trusting your gut is such an important part of the creative process. Even if everything in your mind tells you otherwise. And I think the more we train ourselves to follow our hearts, the more vulnerable and emotional our art becomes. The more authentic and raw it is. The deeper it connects.

I hope this video inspires you to create freely. Give yourself permission to deviate from “the plan.” Stay open to new ideas. Listen to that little voice. And do it all afraid.

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  1. I like the message in this blog and have left journal pages in the “I am not happy with it state” for awhile. Then I see something the hits me just right and I go back to that page and rework it.


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