One Day at a Time

While my kiddo is excited about all the back-to-school events lined up for next week, I am a nervous wreck. I try to stay away from the news as much as possible, but when in-person neighborhood conversations start teetering on the edge of “did you see the number of Delta variant cases in the county recently?” there is no escape.

The end-of-summer is starting to feel a lot like February 2020, right before lockdown. We have dealt with so much uncertainty this past year that I was hoping we could go back to some semblance of normalcy this fall. But it doesn’t look like the “normal” we were used to back in 2019 will ever be back. Who knows what the next couple of weeks or months will look like?

When anxiety hits, I find myself gravitating toward doodling. This morning, I spent 20 minutes easing the worries in my mind, breathing, staying in the moment and transforming a “leftover” gel print into something beautiful.

I’ve realized it doesn’t take much to re-center myself…I don’t have to create something spectacular or jaw-dropping. It can be a really simple drawing that allows me to clear my head and truly just take it one day at a time.

I hope you’re all staying well, keeping healthy and allowing yourself the luxury of enjoying today — because the present is all we really have.

Take care!

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  1. Dear Mansi, I hope you feel better now. I know that I only can listen, in my case read, about your anxiety and can’t help you. Yes I can say that it will be better times etc. all those things everyone say to you and still it doesn’t help. It’s your mind that has to let it go or calm down, I’m glad you found a way by doodling, making art, to ease your worries.
    You can always reach me if you need someone to tell you about your fear, unfortunately I don’t live in the same time zone, so if you email me I can’t always respond immediately. I’m glad you posted this, by being so open about it on your blog I hope you talk about your fears with the people around too.
    A very, very big hug.

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