The Journey of a Journal Spread

I’ve been into making books lately for most of my projects but this time I decided to use Opaque White Craft Plastic as my substrate. It may look just like paper, but this craft plastic has distinct advantages over paper.

It is a film that is strong, smooth, waterproof surface, wipeable, and heat resistant, making it perfect for use with a wide range of mediums and techniques! I know I’m going to love exploring so many mixed media techniques in this new journal.

I’m not sure what this journal will be called but it is going to be home to all my one-minute practice portraits created on dictionary paper with water-soluble pencils and crayons.

These one-minute portraits allowed me to go easy on myself. They forced me to go fast, be nimble, not overthink the process and, above all, gave me permission to fail. Because, really, how perfect a face can one make in a minute? When I look at these faces by themselves I may not like them but when given the context of that one-minute time frame, I can say, “Heck, I did a pretty good job making a recognizable face!”

It’s not failure. It’s progress. And now, as part of this mixed media journal, these faces are taking on a new life, a new form, a new Avatar.

I hope you enjoy the creation of this first spread and I can’t wait to share how the rest of this journal will shape up.

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4 responses to “The Journey of a Journal Spread”

  1. Great to see how you made your book. Can you extend this book by making another one and glue the first and last page to each other?
    Awesome page Mansi, I love your gorgeous girl and how you finished her.
    You created some negative space by wiping the alcohol ink (thought I) so you can also whipe away a mistake if you made one on this surface I supose.
    Thank you so much for sharing your video, always love to watch, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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