You Do You!

I try to embrace white space and paint “neatly” but when I am done, I almost always don’t like what I have created. And then I scribble and “mess it up” to feel more like me.

I set out to paint a neat arrangement of roses with distress ink reinkers.

It’s almost like a visual representation of the life I am “expected” to lead and the one I’ve decided to make for myself.

It’s messy, it’s unappealing to most, it’s probably even sloppy…but it feels authentic to me. And isn’t that all that matters? How my art makes ME feel…I don’t do it to appease anyone. I definitely don’t do it to become like someone else.

It didn’t feel anything like me so I scribbled over it and spritzed copious amounts of water, letting the inks run through and blotting some parts…the eye wandered and my heart felt at peace.

My art is purely my way of being…it relieves me of my “living.” It’s a magical place where I can get lost and feel unencumbered.

When I make paintings like these in my watercolor journal, it’s never with the intent of sharing. But I share here to encourage you to make the art you WANT to make, not what you feel like you HAVE to make.

This is me. All me. And it makes me happy.

No one has to see what you’re creating…keep it a secret; try something out that you have always wanted to and “fail” at it. Do it because you want to. Because you need to. For you.

Not everything I touch is amazing but it doesn’t have to be. I make because I want to make. And that is enough.

4 responses to “You Do You!”

  1. Great blogpost and so true!
    I love how you painted the flowers and to be honest I would have stopped there but it’s not my painting!! The finished “messy” and scribbled is lovely and so you.
    And that’s all that counts. You Do You, I love that saying and I think Tim H. says it always in every YT Live he does!
    Thank you so much for sharing your art and wise words, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your honest feedback, Henriëtte. I have realized that I value the imperfect, the messy, the unconventional more than playing by the rules both in the way I lead my life and the way I practice my art. Just oke life, right? 🙂

    • It sure is an oke life!
      If you don’t live the way you like it, you will be unhappy and even sick.
      Not only in art but ook in live it is You do You.
      With love, Henriëtte.

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