Let Loose With Mixed Media

Let Loose with Mixed Media is live! I led my first of seven sessions this evening and I am still smiling. When the workshop started I had asked for a show of hands in response to “How many of you are afraid to let go and play?” More than half the attendees raised their hands.

After the hour-long session I asked the same question and the responses I got were: “Not anymore!” “I love playing!” “This was therapeutic!” “I can’t believe I made this!”

Photo courtesy Tammy P.

It fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude and humility to know I could inspire courage.

Because really that’s what this seven-week workshop is about: the courage to embrace imperfections; the courage to enjoy the journey without worrying about the destination; the courage to stare ugliness in its face and not care; the courage to create something we’ve never created before; the courage to believe that we are ALL artists.

A small sampling of creative backgrounds from session 1

I share this here as an invitation to anyone who has been on the fence about this workshop.

It’s so much more than learning how to create mixed media projects. It’s about discovering your inner artist and unleashing the curious child inside you. It’s about trusting your instincts and leaning into your intuition. It’s about silencing that inner critic.

It’s about self-care.

All sessions are recorded and available for replay

I hope you’ll consider this as your personal invitation to partake in the joy that comes from playing with absolute freedom.

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