A Quick Mixed Media Demo

I did a quick YouTube live this afternoon to demonstrate how you can create a complex-looking piece with just a few supplies.

And because I had an extra 20 minutes of playtime this evening (yay for the love of reading my little one is cultivating!), I created another leaf in magenta. Playing with simple shapes allows you to hone your techniques. Pick something that speaks to you and try variations of it…you’ll notice that the dynamics of each piece will be different even when using the same motifs.

I did end up splashing some more red inside the leaves at the end. Something about that bright color was calling to me today. Both paintings also have some yummy textures by way of texture pastes and stencils but I didn’t go overboard because I really wanted the eye to rest on the one big detail first before finding all the hidden treasures . Also a tiny bit of gold pen detailing adds a little extra oomph to the pieces.

Of course, when we do the 7-week Let Loose With Mixed Media workshop, we will do a lot more collaging, layering, texturing and editing. But I wanted to showcase, through these examples, just how easy and fast mixed media can be.

I hope you’re staying well and continuing to do something every day that fills your heart and soul with joy. Even if you are able to steal away 10 minutes for yourself, know that you are worth every second of it!

Supplies used:

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