Making Art for Me

Many of you have been following me religiously on Facebook and Instagram and know how much I love to share my techniques, ideas and art. Today, I am shutting down my Instagram and Facebook accounts. There will be a lot of questions, as is understandable. And to all of that chatter, I can say: there is more to life than social media.

I don’t need strangers to tell me my self-worth nor do I need validation from a sea of unknown people. I don’t care for follower counts or number of likes received. And I don’t create because it’s a business to me. I am not building a brand…I have always wanted to build community. And I thought social media was a great way to do that. Until I realized that people project their own agendas, their own motives and their own insecurities on my work, without knowing who I am or where I come from. I don’t need that.

Nobody does.

My art is my safe place. It’s my sanctuary and I am protecting it. So, if you’re here, please know that I am not giving up on creating. My core values are empathy, credibility, making a difference, intuition and simplicity and I am going to continue having them lead the way for me.

I will continue to create and share. I will stay present in my real life, collaborate with people locally and create a life of simple giving.

And I hope you will continue to create, too … with your heart first…and your hands will follow.

10 responses to “Making Art for Me”

  1. Hi Mansi! Just wanted to say you are amazing! I will continue to follow your work on your website. Best wishes always 💕. Linda C

    • Thanks a lot, Linda! You have inspired me so much in my own creative journey and I truly appreciate all that you bring to the art community. Thanks so much for continuing to stay in touch. <3

  2. Thank you for all your inspiration. I’m glad your art brings you joy. It brings me joy too. I’m also glad you are taking care of your own soul!

    • Thanks so much, Sandy. It makes me so happy to know my art brings you joy. That’s all I ask for…that art be a medium to amplify happiness in this world. There’s already so much strife and sadness…I appreciate your being here and your support.

  3. I find the Social Media aspects of this industry daunting and have curtailed most of it. I wholeheartedly applaud and support this decision!

    • Thanks so much, Vicki. I feel like I have gotten back so much of my time in the past couple of days, not to mention my sanity. Happy to stay in touch with you!

  4. I do enjoy following you and love your art. Thank you for sharing your love of it. Self care is so smart/necessary!

    • Thanks so much, Donna. Just one life 🙂 I would MUCH rather spend it creating art and amplifying joy than fighting naysayers. I appreciate your being here.

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