Collaging in My Art Journal

I usually don’t have a plan when I am working in my art journal — it is my safe space to create, express and experience life in the moment. Besides sharing how I create this page, I’m also sharing the emotions I was feeling during this journey.

Let me know if this is something that resonates with you. Do you find art journaling therapeutic? Do you feel you can’t just let go for fear of messing up?

The reason I started journaling in 2020 was because I felt the need to escape…to tune out everything else. I didn’t need to have self-composure, or a checklist, or an agenda or any aspirations. I could truly just breathe as I let my fingers slide across the page smearing paint all over…I could get messy without caring about unintentional splotches. I could fee free and complete and whole. I could be angry or happy or silly or whatever I felt in that moment. I could just be.

And this journal is turning into my haven — a place where I can do all my crazy experiments, where I can try things out that scare me (like collaging), where I can make mistakes (but there are no mistakes in art!), where I can express freely.

I hope when you watch this video, it will give you the courage to say yes to yourself…make time for you…give yourself permission to fail, to succeed, to be free!

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