Create with Your Heart and Your Hands will Follow

MansiMakes started in 2017 in response to friends and strangers asking I make custom pieces of joy. From scarves, to functional art pieces, to jewelry, many of you saw me use a variety of media to handcraft unique items.

Some of you also enjoyed in-person classes in my backyard one summer and many online offerings last year. Many of you shared what YOU made as a result of those classes with your family and friends, multiplying the joy manifold. 

It helped me realize what truly brings me joy: sharing techniques, tools and ideas that empower people to let their inner artist out.

To that end, I will not be hustling any products or doing any craft fairs. My focus will be on sharing my knowledge and passion on social media, through my blog and via live and recorded videos. There will be plenty of watercoloringmixed media initiativescolored pencil art, iPad sketching, stamp carving and gel plate printing but at a slower, more purposeful, pace. 

What would you like to see more of? What would you like to learn? Let me know so I can incorporate your feedback into my plans. 

My motto has always been “create with your heart first and your hands will follow.”

In 2021, I hope to live this motto out with more intention, frequent sharing and constant encouragement that allows YOU to be uninhibited in your creative explorations. 

Whether you’ve bought something from me in the past or taken a class or cheered me on various social media outlets, please know that I am grateful for ALL your support. And I want to continue bringing joyful moments into your life through art. 

May this year mark the beginning of some beautiful creative meanderings.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!

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