Fluid Art Greeting Cards

Sure you’ve all seen amazing fluid acrylic paintings and functional items, but have you tried your hand at fluid acrylic greeting cards?

After I shared a couple of quick Tik Tok videos on this really easy and fun fluid-acrylic cardmaking technique, I was inundated by private messages asking for a more detailed video. So, for those of you patient ones who like more information than can be delivered in a quick 15-second crafty bite, here’s my process.

The fluid acrylic greeting cards are easy to make and don’t require any special paper: just your regular cardstock! You also won’t need a whole lot of paint and if you use a baking tray then all the spills stay contained. The results are gorgeous and can you imagine the delight of the recipients? Mini-unique paintings that they can frame! I think it’s gift-giving at its best.

My paint recipe
  • 1 part high flow fluid acrylics (I’m partial to Golden Paints)
  • 2 parts PVS glue or glossy ModPodge (you can also use Liquitex pouring medium)
  • Distilled or cold water as needed to achieve melted ice cream consistency
  • 1-2 drops per color of treadmill lubricant, silicone oil, coconut oil or isopropyl alcohol to create cells (don’t overdo this)

I hope you have fun watching and trying out this technique. I’ve taken a hiatus from fluid acrylic pours (I used to make large triptychs and canvases that hang at local restaurants) but this is a more contained version and a refreshing new way of making really unique greeting cards.

Let me know if you try it. I’d love to know how it went.

Bonus tip

I seal the paint with polyurethane spray, but you can also mix just a bit of liquid varnish into the paint to avoid that last step. Just make sure you let the cards dry flat for at least 12 hours.


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  1. Thank you. I have been making cards with poured acrylics but the paint was messy on the bottom inside edge. Your demo has solved this.

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