Creative Art Journaling: Sisterhood

This final image is not something I set out to make when I first drew some lines and circles in my Dyan Reavely art journal with Stabilo pencils.

I leaned into my curiosity and let courage drive my hands. I have not made faces or people before and I have also not switched course so many times. Nor have I ever created an art journal page that was spread out over five days of intermittent tinkering. But then, as they say, there’s a first time for everything.

What you see here are a lot of different layers that have coalesced into these beings. Much like each one of us, complex, unique and with personal histories that are shaped by circumstance and choice.

These layers were also a result of my external influences (going through my kiddo’s books and seeing a lot of flowers) and my choices (letting go of the fear of “ruining” something in the process of creating something new).

I have great admiration and respect for the women in the world of arts and crafts. Your inspirational shares, your creative wisdom, your encouraging support … and most of all your desire to create a welcoming, nurturing community where EVERYONE is welcome is to be applauded and celebrated.

May we continue to be guided by our passion and our kindness. May our hearts lead the way and our hands not be afraid to follow. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, the challenges, the tools or supplies used.


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