DIY Gift Boxes with Alcohol Inks

This may seem like a factory shot. It isn’t. I painted each of these gift boxes from Michaels Stores with Tim Holtz / Ranger Ink (and some with Jacquard Products) alcohol inks as part of a gifting organization’s entrepreneurial venture. And this isn’t all of it either.

Hand painted unique custom gift boxes being varnished in my garage

I got so burned out creating and executing designs, ensuring each box had its own unique personality that I took a break from alcohol inks for a whole year! Once the paintings were done, each box underwent three rounds of varnishing so no accidental chipping would happen. And then there were gift tags and customized thank you notes to make…

Of course the recipients were tickled pink but I don’t think anyone realized just how much work is involved in “mass producing” handcrafted items like these.

The rainbow striped boxes, though, were so fun and easy to make and each one turned out completely different because of the technique I used.

Colors used:
Purple twilight
Sunshine Yellow
Sunset Orange
Red Pepper

I used scratch cards to create the rainbow-themed gratitude tag to top off the boxes 😍

Final gift box complete with ribbon and tag

I have seen up, close and personal the amount of care, effort and time crafters put into each of their creations … and especially the quantities of exquisite items that are produced during the holiday season. It’s a LOT of work! And I applaud your talent, your patience and your drive!

I think 2021 will see the return of alcohol inks in my life 🙂 But this time it will be solely for the joy of creating.

I hope you try this out! It’s a really fun technique and you can customize your color combinations to suit the occasion ❤️ Happy Holidays!

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